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Be warned: this is a fairly single-minded account. I like to make images of women who are tied up, often gagged, usually wearing short skirts or boots. I rarely stray far from those themes.

Sometimes the bondage is non-consensual; sometimes it happens to Roxy, who has her own gallery; she enjoys it. :) There's no nudity, sex, or violence more extreme than what you might find on TV. Although my images are fairly tame taken individually, I mark them as mature since I reckon an entire gallery full of this material is more "in yer face". Material in my favourites may be edgier.

Most of my inspiration is drawn from those good old '60s adventure series such as The Avengers, The Saint and The Men from UNCLE - where it was a good bet that a female spy / innocent bystander / hero's love interest would get tied up at some point - and it was even more certain that she would escape or be rescued.

I make my pictures using 3D figures within Poser, usually with some degree of postwork.
...when I said "I will have some art to post in due course", although you will understand that depends on your personal expectation of how long 'due course' could reasonably last before being re-classified as, for example, a long wait. So instead of getting the hell on with preparing said art, I'm going to waste even more time telling you about it because I'm perverse that way. And in other ways, but you knew about those already. :D

I may have mentioned before that I generally have several scenes on the go at the same time. I might get an idea sparked by a new Poser toy, another deviant's artwork, or something else that I've seen or heard out in the great wild world. There are many stages involved in bringing that initial spark to an image file that I can upload, and each of those stages is best done when I'm in a suitable frame of mind. Some require free-associative inspiration; some require heads-down mindless repetition; some require nothing more than a fresh pair of eyes.

Thus it is that I skip between projects according to a carefully worked out algorithm that I've called 'whatever I feel like doing at the time'. :) Some projects grind to a halt and are never finished, although it's hard to tell since the definition of 'never' is also flexible, and scenes that I'd assumed were dead can be exhumed and brought back to life. An example: Get Me Out Of Here was built on a scene that I'd started and abandoned in 2010 - and the note she's writing was made for another scene that dates back to 2006.

Anyway, to the point. Yes, there is one. Sort of. One of the scenes I had on the go was developing nicely. I'd created a character that I liked, and I wondered what she might look like if she was standing up, and not tied up on the floor... Answer: quite cute, actually. The standing pose I used suggested that she might be talking to someone, and that she might be feeling a bit cold. So of course I had to invent someone for her to be talking to, and put them both in an environment where they might be feeling the chill; and before I knew it a story line had developed which might reasonably culminate in the original scene with the character on the floor.

Then things got seriously out of hand (oh, like a seven-frame story in which nobody manages to get tied up at all isn't out of hand enough!) I looked at another scene I had, in which I'd been having trouble coming up with an outfit for the protagonist to wear - hey presto, the story could encompass that too; and also a third scene, if I stretched things a bit.

I realised that I needed more establishing frames to set up the story I wanted my characters to follow, so I put together another couple of scenes to show that; the characters I'd started with had parted and gone their separate ways, so there were two parallel storylines to depict. Meanwhile, the ransacked office I'd created to place the original scene into (remember that?) had a fault which caused it to become corrupted when I saved it, so I had to track down the problem and sort it out.

In turn, all these new images were suggesting a storyline which didn't fit properly with some of the scenes that I'd borrowed from other projects, so I decided to make them back into stand-alone images again. I've also made a sort of personal resolution kind of thing, in which I will try not to rush out work that's merely good enough, but go that extra step to fix any niggling problems that I might see. In other words, any faults you see now are deliberate. :P

And that is why it's the beginning of June and nothing has shown up yet, and may not for some time. Isn't that the best excuse you've ever heard? "I haven't created anything because I was so busy being creative." Face it, it's almost as entertaining as seeing some actual artwork from me.

Isn't it? :D

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