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It's interesting when a capable artist steps outside the area where they're known. The result is often a fresh slant on the new subject...



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United Kingdom
This gallery is about danger and excitement. Hopefully my obsessions - and my self-imposed boundaries - are self-evident from what you can see in my galleries. I don't intend to either defend or promote my chosen subject matter here; it is simply me doing what I like to do. If you like it too, then help yourself to tea and biscuits and browse the galleries at your leisure.

My inspiration is drawn from many sources, most often those good old '60s adventure series such as The Avengers, The Saint and The Men from UNCLE - where it was a good bet that a female spy / innocent bystander / hero's love interest would get tied up at some point - and it was even more certain that she would escape or be rescued.

I make my pictures using 3D figures within Poser, usually with some degree of postwork. I update according to a carefully worked out schedule which I've codenamed "whenever I feel like it". I try not to post material purely for the sake of posting something, but prefer to wait until I have an idea which interests me, and have carried it out to the best of my abilities.


It's interesting when a capable artist steps outside the area where they're known. The result is often a fresh slant on the new subject matter.

Let's look at what's good here, as one would expect from an experienced artist in any medium. Ciara is placed in pride of place, as she should be, and the profile view displays her lovely long legs to maximum effect. The bad guy is placed behind her, not only physically, but in subdued clothes which don't distract from the heroine's outfit or her predicament. He's still perfectly visible, however, so the composition makes sense; you can see what's going on.

The same applies to the lighting. The figures are isolated in a pool of light, leaving the question of what's in the darkness to the viewer's imagination. An excellent technique, and I should know, I've used it myself many times... Although there's one light source visible, there must be at least some reflected light since a pure backlight would leave much of the characters in shadow. Whatever fill-in exists has been deployed skilfully so that it isn't apparent until you start thinking about the scene in detail (and there are some faint shadows to support that).

As others have said, we don't know what the commissioner asked for; and I know from experience that fetish connoisseurs often have extremely precise obsessions, sometimes even mutually exclusive ones, which is one reason I avoid requests unless it happens to be something that I was going to do anyway. Because it's a commission I've given neutral scores for vision and originality.

That said, the picture's 'story logic' (to coin a phrase) seems somewhat awry to me. The bad guy's left hand is groping Ciara's boob in an invasive and yet offhand manner. On the other hand (pun intended) he's cradling her head in a quite tender way. At first glance I thought he was pulling her head back in preparation for a bout of villainous gloating, but rather it seems he's supporting her as she wakes up. And finally, his eyes are fixed not on her face (as if he was concerned for her welfare) or her body or legs (as if he had fiendish plans for his captive) but off-scene somewhere. Maybe this is part of the story - has somebody interrupted him? But in the context of this single image, the underlying story is not made clear; even if there isn't one, it could be implied.

Convincing ropework in 3D is an enormous challenge - personal experience speaking again... There's not only the complex details of the ropes themselves, but also their interaction with the prisoner. Character creation applications such as DAZ Studio and Poser, and the content that's available for them, are not set up to make these things easy. I believe you've chosen the camera angle to hide the cinching (or lack of it) between Ciara's leg and wrist bonds, which is a sensible decision in the circumstances. The thigh ropes in particular don't squeeze her flesh convincingly; another challenging detail. The ropes around her stomach do look good and tight, but why are they there? These, and the loops around her upper chest, don't seem to tie her to anything. This does allow her to hop free of the chair, if the story calls for it, but from what we can see here it seems like a mistake on the villain's part.

I don't want to exacerbate the clamour for more Torqual bondage, but I would like to see anything else you would care to show us. Do please ask for advice if you need it.

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McGheeny Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2016
Really enjoy your work. Thanks for sharing ;)
PoserGirlsInTrouble Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the kind words. Please continue to enjoy!
Dugas Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2015
Very great work and stories :-)
PoserGirlsInTrouble Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! Glad you enjoyed.
sally-art-75 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 17, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I stand united with the sentiments of your avatar.

Mood (still angry).

If I had my finger on the button and the IS could be isolated for the purpose?

I wouldn't be asking Jeremy's advice.

ps. please feel free to "hide" this comment if you wish.
PoserGirlsInTrouble Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
One of my favourite dA artists, SUDOR is Parisian. I've never been there myself, but through the photos that Joël and his friends have posted, I feel connected.

I'd prefer to avoid political statements, but it disappoints me when the human race fails to meet its full potential. When some of its members seem pig-headedly determined to prove themselves worthless, words fail me. Flag-waving is the best I can do right now.
sally-art-75 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nicely put, Bob.

Yes, politics are best avoided. I was just finding a way of expressing condemnation and outrage, and clearly not suggesting a practical solution.
PoserGirlsInTrouble Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
All the same, it's hard to avoid fantasising. If I had a button that would vapourise everyone who had ever intended harm to their fellow human beings, I'd press it. That would also vapourise me, of course. It would be worth it.
sally-art-75 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for visiting, and playing darts with "Cassie"! :)
PoserGirlsInTrouble Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
One hundred and eighteee! :D
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